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Microvi and Southern Water to Demonstrate Phosphorus Removal and Recovery Using Microvi MNE Process

Microvi MNE™ wastewater solutions, based on Microvi’s proprietary MicroNiche Engineering™(MNE) platform, overcome challenges with the conventional paradigm.  Microvi MNE reduces waste and chemical usage for cost-effective phosphorus capture and recovery for a sustainable circular economy. 

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Large-scale Demonstration of Groundbreaking Wastewater Treatment Technology Shows Full Nitrogen Removal in less than Two Hours

Installed in April 2018, results from the demonstration show that the combined nitrification-denitrification process can achieve effluent levels consistently below 3 mg/L and even as low as 1 mg/L TN from influent ammonia (NH3) concentrations as high as 45 mg/L. These results occur with a retention time of under two hours, and little to no biosolids are produced. 

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