Delivering solutions for global challenges in water, energy, and the environment.


Social impact is at the heart of everything we do.


Drinking water

We provide safe, natural and proven technologies that remove major contaminants from water. Communities around the world use our water technologies to save up to 50% in costs while reducing their environmental footprint.

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Our solutions for wastewater treatment and reuse reliably meet discharge limits, lower costs by an average of 30-50%, and recover valuable energy and chemicals. Welcome to the future of wastewater treatment — today.

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Renewable chemicals

Our radically simple approach to bioproduction helps drive attractive margins that can be shared among licensing partners, customers and manufacturers.

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Applied Research

Partnerships are the core of our R&D. Learn about our capabilities and how a partnership with Microvi could make a difference for your organization.

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The world tomorrow.
Built today.

For more than a decade, Microvi has been part of a movement to deliver cutting-edge technologies to the people who need them most.


Driving commercial success.

From San Francisco to São Paulo. London to Los Angeles. Learn how Microvi is revolutionizing the economics of industrial processes while improving the environment.

With Microvi, our customers need less resources, energy, chemicals, and labor while experiencing reliable performance across a range of operating conditions. What can Microvi do for you?