Our Solutions

Our platform technology, MicroNiche Engineering™ (MNE), is a materials science breakthrough inspired by nature. Through MNE, we design next generation biotechnologies to positively impact our world — affordable, clean drinking water; wastewater reuse and value-recovery; and intensified processes for producing chemicals using renewable resources. 


Drinking water

Microvi has a solution for nearly any organic or inorganic pollutant in water. We tackle the most widespread groundwater and surface water pollutants while also offering low-cost solutions for new and emerging threats to safe and clean water. 


Our complete solutions for wastewater treatment include secondary and tertiary applications for ammonia, phosphorus, nitrate, BOD/COD, emerging priority pollutants, and more. We offer solutions for both municipal and industrial applications.


Renewable chemicals

Using materials science, we unlocked the power of biology to enable unparalleled margins in hundreds of bio-based applications. Our solutions work to solve the underlying problems of scaling, including issues with toxicity, product yield, energy use and process productivity.

Applied Research

At Microvi, we’re advancing science while saving lives and our earth. Partnering with Microvi drives product innovation and delivers consistent, low-cost, high performance solutions that ensure your competitive edge.