Wastewater Solutions

Intensifying wastewater treatment and reuse for municipal and industrial processes.


Around the world, there are tightening regulatory constraints, strict and impending nitrogen limits, and space limitations for many treatment facilities. Combined with incentives for wastewater reuse (e.g. process water, recycled water) — and opportunities for valuable resource recovery — the wastewater industry is driven to find new solutions.

Microvi is revolutionizing the wastewater industry by providing sustainable and highly effective solutions with superior performance. Our technologies offer a smaller footprint and reduced costs, allowing the use of existing infrastructure to meet increased capacity needs. 

Our novel paradigm, based on our MicroNiche Engineering™ platform, is a step-change in how biological wastewater treatment is conducted. Instead of relying on the growth and removal of mixed populations as sludge, the Microvi MNE™ process uses a high density of single, highly efficient organisms that are controlled and protected in the versatile form of a biocatalyst composite.

By decoupling wastewater treatment processes from sludge age, the Microvi MNE™ process dramatically improves the performance of any biological system.


The Microvi biocatalysts are also robust and selected for nearly any contaminant or metabolic transformation. This includes nitrification, denitrification, BOD/COD removal, phosphorus removal and recovery, as well as applications for new and emerging priority contaminants. 

The advantages of Microvi MNE™ for wastewater treatment include:

  • Small footprint

  • Virtually no waste production

  • Automatic operation with minimal operator intervention

  • Reduced compliance risks

  • Low hydraulic retention times

  • Reduced chemicals use

  • Simultaneous pollutant removal

  • Lower energy costs

  • Resistant to toxins and process upsets

  • Reduced operational complexity

  • Fully utilize existing assets


Low-cost nitrification The Microvi MNE™ process demo for ammonia removal at Oro Loma Sanitary District (OLSD) in San Lorenzo, California.


Rapid denitrification The Microvi MNE™ process demo for tertiary denitrification at Sydney Water's Winmalee Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Water has over 12 months of first-hand experience with Microvi technology [...] The results confirm its efficiency and effectiveness, particularly when compared to existing processes. We are particularly impressed with the Biocatalyst’s simplicity and speed of treatment.
— Derek Van Rys, Wastewater & Residuals Manager, Product & Asset Treatment Division, Sydney Water