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Groundwater Nitrate Removal
The Microvi MNE™ plant at Sunny Slope Water Company in Pasadena, California, offers affordable nitrate removal — without producing a concentrated waste stream.


Our world today faces an unprecedented challenge in water treatment and purification. Issues like water scarcity are magnified by the widespread pollution of our groundwater and surface water resources.

Contaminants such as nitrate, perchlorate, chlorinated solvents, 1,4-dioxane, and many others threaten public health and environmental sustainability. Many of these contaminants are harmful at very low levels, thereby requiring expensive and complicated treatment processes to safely remove.

Using our MicroNiche Engineering™ (MNE) platform, Microvi has developed a suite of breakthrough technologies to provide clean drinking water reliably, cost-effectively, and simply — all without producing secondary waste.

Microvi MNE™ for nitrate removal

With plants around the world, the Microvi MNE™ process offers simple and effective nitrate and perchlorate removal with low total costs, low energy requirements, and remarkable stability and control. Our technology converts nitrate in water into nitrogen gas, which is safely released into the atmosphere. The advantages of Microvi MNE™ for nitrate and perchlorate removal include:

  • Low operating cost

  • Near zero biosolids production

  • No concentrated waste stream

  • Low chemical consumption

  • Quick start-up time

  • Minimal operator input required

  • NSF/ANSI 61 certified and approved

  • High water recovery rates

  • Flexible designs for nearly any kind of application

Microvi’s nature-based approach to water purification is revolutionary. We found that Microvi’s technology not only provided the water-quality regulators demand and our customers expect, but it also solves the costly waste-disposal problem of a conventional system.
— Ken Tcheng, General Manager of Sunny Slope Water Company