Sidestream Treatment Using Microvi MNE Shows up to 99% Removal of High Strength Ammonia

Microvi Biotech Inc. announced today that their proprietary wastewater treatment technology, Microvi MNE, has shown consistent removal rates for high strength ammonia of up to 99% during sidestream treatment.

Increasingly stringent discharge limits for nutrients and the high cost of plant upgrades for nutrient removal are challenging wastewater treatment facilities globally.  One way to alleviate some of those stresses is by using sidestream treatment. The sidestream is the liquid resulting from biosolids dewatering, which is typically routed back into the facility’s treatment process. 

This stream can represent approximately 1% of the flow entering a wastewater facility but 20% or more of the nutrient loading. When left untreated, raw influent nutrient levels can triple, putting significant stress on existing treatment systems.  By treating this high-level nutrient stream, the decreased load on existing processes can alleviate the need to make additional capital investments to expand treatment facilities to meet increased demand. 

“Microvi’s sidestream treatment technology is at the top of the pack when it comes to comparison with other technologies for sidestream treatment” said Ameen Razavi, Director of Innovation Research at Microvi. “By implementing the Microvi MNE process, utilities will find a small-footprint, low-maintenance and low-cost solution for achieving reliable year-round reductions in nutrient discharge.”

Using Microvi MNE for sidestream treatment has reduced ammonia levels of above 500 mg/L by 90-98% reliably and consistently without the production of biosolids. 

The Microvi MNE technology uses novel biocatalytic composites (biocatalysts) that intensify biological processes.  Microvi’s biocatalysts contain only the targeted microorganism for the desired bioconversion and thus provide a readily controllable, high-activity treatment process. While the biocatalysts themselves are complex, the design and operation of the systems are simple. Microvi’s technology has been demonstrated in the U.S., Australia and the U.K. for drinking water, municipal wastewater, and industrial applications. 

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