Microvi Wins Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year Award at World Bio Markets 2019

Microvi announced today that they received the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year Award from World Bio Markets Insights. The awards took place in Amsterdam at the 4thannual awards ceremony at World Bio Markets 2019 on April 2, 2019.  

For 2019 there were 6 awards categories, including Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year. This award recognizes an innovation involving enzymes, platform or intermediate chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks, used to produce other chemicals, such as new method of production or technique, and with the ability to display a benefit and progress for the industry long-term.

“It has been an unprecedented year for Microvi as we continued to put our MicroNiche Engineering (MNE) platform technology to use across the world. We are incredibly grateful to have been selected as the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year and thank everyone for this meaningful recognition. We look forward to continuing to break-ground on finding sustainable, effective and economical solutions for our industry” said Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO and CTO of Microvi.

Microvi’s MicroNiche Engineering (MNE) technology MNE focuses on the microenvironment for the development of fit-for-process biocatalysts that can be used for nearly any microbe, feedstock, process, and product across a variety of applications including biochemicals, biofuels, biopharma, food, water and wastewater.

MNE has been used in the development ofeconomical bio based fuel additives, in the enhanced production of butanol, and for biogas to liquid conversion.  Advantages of the MNE process for bioproduction include: 5-10X smaller reactor sizes, 10-50% less feedstock use, no seed train, 30% less energy, and up to 50% overall cost savings.

About Microvi

Microvi is a green technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that delivers next-generation biotechnologies for the water, wastewater and renewable chemical industries. Microvi offers commercial technologies around the world to reduce waste, increase productivity and provide disruptive economics across the value chain. Learn more at www.microvi.com.



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VP of Marketing, Microvi
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