First Demo of Microvi Wastewater Technology in UK Proves Resounding Success

Microvi’s Aerovi™ technology has proven to be highly effective in treating wastewater, a demonstration project shows.

The project, done in collaboration with a municipal wastewater treatment facility in the United Kingdom, shows that Microvi’s Aerovi technology can treat three times the flow of a conventional activated sludge system, with less than a tenth of the waste sludge production.

Microvi’s solution reliably achieves full nitrification and dissolved BOD/COD removal, even at temperatures as low as 5 °C/41 °F. It is also highly efficient, achieving complete nitrification in less than 4 hours of empty-bed contact time (EBCT), versus 12 hours EBCT for activated sludge.

“We’re extremely excited about the high performance exhibited by our wastewater solutions,” said Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, president and CEO of Microvi. “There are tremendous opportunities for enhancing sustainability of the world’s wastewater treatment processes, and this third-party demonstration is a major step forward for achieving that objective.”

The demonstration project was conducted over an 8-month period and compared the performance of Microvi’s Aerovi technology directly with a side-by-side activated sludge system under various challenge scenarios.

The results obtained in this demonstration confirmed the results from previous pilot demonstrations in the United States. A techno-economic analysis by Microvi shows that the Aerovi technology saves 30-50% of total costs compared with conventional activated sludge.

About Microvi
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Karin Kidder, VP of Marketing