Robert C. Kidder

Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Kidder has a distinguished 40-year career in business enterprise and corporate governance. He currently serves as a Director at Merck & Co., Inc. His previous appointments include: Chairman of Chrysler Group LLC, Lead Director and Chairman of the Compensation Committee at Morgan Stanley, and a member of the boards of Ohio State University and the Columbus Children’s Hospital. Mr. Kidder’s executive experience includes serving in a variety of strategic and high-growth companies. As the CEO of Duracell and Borden from 1984-2004, Mr. Kidder partnered with KKR & Co. to build shareholder value. As the head of the Corporate Development and Strategy team at a large public company, he led a major M&A effort. Also, at McKinsey & Company, Mr. Kidder worked with CEOs on projects ranging from product and corporate strategy to M&A advice. Mr. Kidder has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan and a M.S. in Industrial Economics from Iowa State University.