Microvi Featured in Global Water Intelligence (GWI) Article

Feb. 23, 2017 – Microvi’s nutrient removal technology, which uses a revolutionary biological process, was featured in a recent issue of Global Water Intelligence magazine.

The article, entitled “Is New Nitrogen Removal Tech Just Hot Air?”, examined different nitrogen treatment technologies. It appeared in the December 2016 issue of the magazine, which is available by subscription or on a trial basis.

Microvi’s technologies, based on its proprietary MicroNiche Engineering platform, can remove nitrate, perchlorate, dioxane, phosphorus, ammonia, and many other nutrients in water. The company recently unveiled a commercially-scaled treatment installation using the world’s most advanced nitrate removal technology, Denitrovi™, at Sunny Slope Water Company in Pasadena, Calif.

The article:

  • Distinguishes Microvi’s technologies from encapsulation technologies, which only seek to retain organisms.
  • Explains how Microvi’s MicroNiche Engineering platform tailors the micro-environment to the most effective organisms that remove pollutants.
  • Discusses how Microvi’s technologies works by introducing and maintaining a high density of the most effective organisms responsible for the degradation of many pollutants in water and wastewater.

It also includes comments from Microvi CEO Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, who elaborated on what differentiates Microvi’s treatment technologies. “We bring a population of the single most effective organism for removal of pollutants,” she told GWI.

The entire article is available at Global Water Intelligence’s site (subscription only).

About Microvi
Microvi is a green technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that delivers next-generation biotechnologies for the water, wastewater and renewable chemical industries. Microvi offers commercial technologies around the world to reduce waste, increase productivity and provide disruptive economics across the value chain. Learn more at www.microvi.com.




Karin Kidder, VP of Marketing