Ajay Nair

Global Director of Commercial & Technical Strategy

Mr. Nair has more than 20 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry in the UK. As a widely acclaimed thought leader, Mr. Nair has served as part of MWH UK Ltd in various process engineering and manufacturing positions since 2000. Mr. Nair’s experience includes innovation development as an interface for transforming water and wastewater infrastructure to meet new and upcoming challenges in the 21st century. Previously, Mr. Nair served as a Senior Manager at Accenture, a process engineer with Bechtel Water Technology Ltd, a process development practice leader with Severn Trent Water Ltd, and a project engineer at the Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation in Australia. Mr. Nair has published extensively in peer reviewed journals and conferences on topics relating to process modeling, new technology innovation, energy efficiency, and operational innovations for the water industry. Mr. Nair holds a B.Eng with honors in chemical engineering and environmental protection from Loughborough University of Technology.