Rex Plaizier

Board of Directors

Mr. Plaizier is CEO of WesTech Engineering, Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations across the globe. WesTech is an internationally recognized company for the design and manufacture of process equipment for minerals, petrochemical, potable water, wastewater, and other related industries. Under the leadership of Mr. Plaizier, WesTech received the 2014 Bill Daniels Ethical Leadership Award for Business. This honor is extended to companies that demonstrate “integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, rule of law, and viability.” Mr. Plaizier has been with WesTech for 31 years and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mining engineering and an MBA at the University of Utah. While a graduate student, he was selected as a Fulbright Scholar, and studied mining engineering at the University of Aachen in Germany for 13 months. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, and German, and strives to learn something new each day