Two Veteran Industry Leaders Join Microvi Board

April 19, 2016 – MWH Chairman Emeritus Murli Tolaney and veteran bioeconomy executive Vonnie Estes are joining the Microvi Board of Directors, the company announced today.

The two bring decades of experience in the water and biobased industries and have served in high level roles at several distinguished companies.

“We are privileged to welcome two such talented, experienced industry executives as Mr. Tolaney and Ms. Estes,” said Microvi CEO Fatemeh Shirazi. “I look forward to working with them as Microvi revolutionizes the water and biobased markets with our innovative solutions.”

Ms. Estes is an accomplished executive whose past work has included senior positions at Granbio, Zymergen Inc., Codexis, Monsanto and Dupont. She serves on several industrial biotech company boards.

“Microvi’s primary focus has been on biocatalytic methods for water treatment bringing up to 70 percent cost savings and 80 percent reduction of lifecycle energy costs.  The business is expanding to biofuels and biochemicals, providing technology to improve production and lower costs. In joining Microvi’s board, I will use my experience in the bio-industrials field bringing new solutions and growth to both the company and the industry,” she said.

Mr. Tolaney is the Chairman Emeritus of preeminent global engineering firm MWH. He joined the company in 1973 and became its Chairman and CEO in 1992. Under his leadership MWH increased its revenue from $200 million to $1 billion and tripled the number of its offices in 30 countries.

“I am very excited to be a part of Microvi in the development and implementation of new technologies in the Water industry,” he said.

In addition to Mr. Tolaney and Ms. Estes joining the board, Microvi also announced today that current board member C. Robert Kidder has been named the Chairman of the Board.

“Microvi with good management and sound governance has the potential to make a significant contribution to global greening and to grow shareholder value too. Helping achieve these ends is the board’s mission,” Mr. Kidder said.

The announcements come as Microvi continues to rapidly expand its global commercial portfolio, including projects in Australia, the UK and across the US.

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Karin Kidder, VP of Marketing