The Science of MicroNiche Engineering

Industrial bioconversion, including water purification, wastewater treatment, and fermentation, is an attractive route with the potential of meeting many societal and industrial needs. However, technical challenges in economics, reliability and sustainability have limited the use of industrial bioconversion.

Moving beyond these challenges requires a fresh look at how to more effectively use microorganisms. To precisely control biological outcomes, especially in large systems and harsh operating conditions, we need a fundamentally new approach for applied biology. This approach is MicroNiche Engineering.

MicroNiche Engineering™ (MNE) is a development platform which uses a combination of applied microbiology and materials science. MNE produces specially-designed microenvironments and biocatalysts for deploying nearly any microorganism, community or consortia. Using advanced materials, we produce synthetic biocatalyst composites that are “fit for process” with communities of microorganisms.

This approach, which is not possible using current technologies, has led to exceptional results in a variety of applications. We’ve discovered biocatalytic methods for water treatment that offer up to 70 percent cost savings and 80 percent reduction of lifecycle energy costs compared to existing methods. Using simple, single-step bioprocesses, our novel biocatalysts can produce sustainable fuels and chemicals at significantly higher yields and productivity. MicroNiche Engineering™ is a synthetic biological approach that achieves innovative, reproducible kinetics for almost any biocatalytic process.

Microvi works with a range of private, public and academic entities in the water, wastewater and biochemical markets to help realize the broadest application of our MicroNiche Engineering platform. If you are interested in partnering with Microvi, please contact us at