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The world today faces an unprecedented crisis in water treatment and purification. Water scarcity and pollution are becoming critical problems that severely impact industry and the quality of human health.

At Microvi, our passion is discovering, developing, and delivering the most cost-effective clean technologies for addressing the global water crisis. Using our MicroNiche Engineering™ platform, we develop new solutions to optimize operational performance, productivity, and the efficiency of engineered biological systems. We focus on solutions to a wide array of traditional and emerging water pollutants in groundwater, drinking water and surface water. MicroNiche Engineering is the only technology on the market today that offers laser-sharp precision, leading to little maintenance and zero waste. Microvi’s water technologies work simply and effectively with low total costs, low energy requirements, and remarkable stability and control.

Denitrovi Technology
Our nitrate removal technology has NSF/ANSI 61 certification and is a low-cost, high performance system utilizing proprietary biocatalysts. As nitrate-contaminated water enters the reactor, the nitrate is degraded by microorganisms housed in the biocatalysts and converted into nitrogen gas, a harmless byproduct. This unique, single-step system provides exceptional water quality, generates no sludge and reduces treatment costs significantly.

Microvi’s Perchlorate Technology
Our perchlorate technology features a large population of perchlorate-degrading microorganisms fully contained within the biocatalysts, which sustain a high rate of degradation even in the presence of high levels of co-contaminants such as nitrate. Further, there is no secondary waste stream. Perchlorate coming into the system is degraded into chloride and oxygen with no build-up of intermediates, so water comes out of Microvi’s engineered bioreactors completely clean.

In addition to Nitrate and Perchlorate solutions, Microvi has developed technologies targeted at a variety of water pollutants, including Dioxane, heavy metals, chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbon compounds.

Microvi works with a variety of water managers, industries, suppliers and municipal authorities to fundamentally change the way the world cleans water. Please email us at to learn what Microvi can do for you.