A Quantum Leap in Performance

Given ever-tightening regulatory constraints, impending nitrogen limits and space limitations for many treatment facilities there is a drive to find new solutions that are more effective yet have a smaller footprint and reduced costs. Microvi’s wastewater technology does just that.

Microvi’s Wastewater Technology
Microvi has developed a new approach to wastewater treatment with its complete wastewater treatment solution. The system is a low cost, small-footprint system that effectively removes pollutants utilizing Microvi’s proprietary biocatalysts. Targeted pollutants such as ammonia (NH4+) are completely degraded into harmless products (nitrogen and water) by a special population of organisms embedded in the biocatalysts.

Microvi’s wastewater technology is capable of maintaining a controlled population of micro-organisms at a much higher cell density than existing technologies such as Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) and Membrane Bioreactors (MBR). This allows the technology to provide BOD/COD removal, nitrification and denitrification with a significantly smaller footprint, minimal sludge production, reduced pumping and aeration requirements, and reduced energy costs.

If you are interested in learning more about our wastewater solutions, please contact us at info@microvi.com.