Harnessing the Power of Nature

Cutting-edge technologies developed through MicroNiche Engineering™ are opening new doors in the production of cost-effective biobased products. Microvi focuses on the cost of producing key chemical building blocks and intermediaries that are used in a variety of industries. We work to solve the underlying problems of scaling including issues with toxicity, product yield, energy use, and process productivity. Microvi’s solutions lead to competitive economics for producers and end-users alike.

Key advantages of our biobased product technology platform include:

• A smaller footprint
• Increased yield of desired product
• Process stability and precision
• Decreased water use
• High-throughput feedstock processing
• Decreased labor and energy requirements
• Game-changing savings in capital and operating costs

Microvi’s solutions provide breakthrough performance and have been validated by the Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

If you are a private, public, or academic organization looking to produce chemicals using biotechnology, partnering with Microvi may lead to significant improvements in your process economics. Please contact us at info@microvi.com for more information.